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Nokia phones in Kenya 2022

Was your first cell phone also a Nokia cell phone? You are definitely not alone in this! Nokia has significantly shaped the mobile phone market … Continue reading

OnePlus mobile phones in Kenya 2022

OnePlus stands for smartphones that are always state-of-the-art and impress with innovative features. The special thing about the Chinese brand: In terms of value for … Continue reading

ZTE smartphones in Kenya 2022

In contrast to Samsung, Apple or HUAWEI, ZTE smartphones are still relatively unknown devices on the mobile phone market in this country. Nevertheless, the smartphones … Continue reading

Google Pixel mobile phones in Kenya

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Oppo mobile phones in Kenya 2022

OPPO has already gained a lot of fame in the international smartphone market. The popular Chinese brand is spreading to all markets so fast! And … Continue reading

Huawei mobile phones in Kenya 2022

Huawei phones represent a terrific value for money. The company stands for one thing: excellent value for money. Because when it comes to price, smartphones … Continue reading

Popular mobile phone brands in Kenya – and those I’ve owned

Kenya is one of the African countries with the highest mobile phone penetration. An average Kenyan will often own more than two sim cards, at … Continue reading

Xiaomi mobile phones in Kenya

Xiaomi smartphones are known for one thing in particular: excellent value for money. As a media-savvy user, you will find exactly what you expect from … Continue reading

Samsung mobile phones in Kenya

If you use a Samsung cell phone, you can definitely rely on a powerful, modern and durable device – after all, the smartphones from the … Continue reading

Best FREE way to switch from Android to iOS in Kenya

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