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How to pay and receive bills with Safaricom’s MPesa

pay bill lipa na mpesa

Mpesa is a revolutionary mobile payment system that allows people to send money from their wallets to others’. It is one of the highest revenue-generating products from Safaricom.

How to register and activate Mpesa

You will have to physically visit an Mpesa agent, Safaricom retail center with a phone, SIM card, and your identification document. You will receive a 4-digit M-pesa PIN after successful registration. Use it to activate your Mpesa by going to the Safaricom menu and:

  1. Select M-PESA menu then select Activate or Wezesha
  2. Enter the ‘M-PESA PIN received via SMS
  3. Create your own Secret PIN and confirm it
  4. Enter the ID number used during registration

After successful registration, you will receive a confirmation message with your balance.

How to send money with Mpesa

  1. Go to the ‘Safaricom’ menu and select ‘M-PESA’
  2. Select ‘Send Money’.
  3. Enter your recipient’s phone number, the amount you wish to send and your PIN
  4. You and the recipient will receive an SMS confirming the transaction

Press any number or letter within 25 seconds and press send, NOT cancel.

Here’s how to withdraw from M-Pesa

If you are a registered Mpesa customer:

  1. Confirm the M-PESA agent has sufficient funds for your transaction
  2. Give your phone number and show your original ID
  3. Go to your M-PESA menu, select ‘Withdraw cash’
  4. Enter the Agent number, the amount you wish to withdraw and your PIN
  5. Confirm the details are correct and press OK.
  6. You and your agent will receive an SMS confirming the transaction
  7. Receive and confirm the cash and proceed to sign the logbook

If You are a not registered with MPesa

  1. Confirm the agent has sufficient funds for your transaction.
  2. Present the SMS containing the M-PESA voucher number (notification confirming receipt of cash).
  3. Give your phone number and show original ID
  4. You and your agent will receive an SMS confirming the transaction
  5. Receive and confirm the cash and proceed to sign the logbook

How to reverse wrong Mpesa transactions

You don’t have to reverse Mpesa transactions with the Hakikisha option. Safaricom let’s you see the name of the person you intent to send money to before you confirm it. You have 25 seconds to press any button to cancel if you see the name of a person you don’t intend to send to.

However, sometimes it just happens that you have erroneous pressed the “Cancel” button before the 25 seconds lapse. In this case, the money will be sent. To reverse such transactions you should copy the Mpesa confirmation message and send it to 456 free of charge. After doing that, you can contact the receiver and request them to refund you. Remind them that it is an offence under the laws of Kenya not to refund you. One can be fined up to Ksh200,000.

How to pay your bill with Mpesa

Gone are the days when you have to visit a company’s offices to pay your utility bill in Kenya. Everything nowadays has been digitized and there are many avenues to pay your bill at the comfort of your home. One of the several ways through which you can pay your utility bill is through the Safaricom Lipa Na Mpesa services. Under the Lipa Na M-pesa, you get an option three options from which you can choose from:

  1. Pay Bill,
  2. Buy Goods and Services, and
  3. Pochi La Biashara.

Differences between Pay Bill, Buy Goods and Services, and Pochi La Biashara.

You guessed it right. There’s a difference.

Each of these serves different purposes. Pay Bill option is for paying for products and services to a company. Each company wishing to receiving payments from Safaricom can apply for a business number, which the customer has to enter when making a payment. The Buy Goods and Services option is also another alternative but no business number is needed. Instead, one enters a till number. This option is cheaper for the consumer since there are little to no service costs. The third alternative, Pochi La Biashara, focuses on small business owners that have not registered for the other two options.

The product was introduced by Safaricom after it celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2020. In a statement, the telco said:

“Business owners will be able to separate their business funds and personal funds allowing them to use business transactions to make better business decisions,”

Maybe the need to introduce the Pochi La Biashara service was necessitated by the infamous Fuliza deductions, one of the many overdraft services provided by Safaricom, and to curb the spread of covid-19. Fuliza allows users to pay for goods and services even after their Mpesa balance is not enough. Each customer is issued with a limit to which they can fuliza. When a business person receives money into their Pochi La Biashara, it is not ‘eaten’ by Fuliza. The charges for the service are the same as other standard Mpesa fees.

How you can pay your bill with MPesa “Pay Bill”

These are the requirements:

  1. You need to be an M-PESA registered customer
  2. Go to M-PESA on your phone menu
  3. Select Payment Services
  4. Select PayBill
  5. Enter ‘Business Number’ of the company you are making payment to*
  6. Enter the ‘Account Number’ of the bill you wish to pay*
  7. Enter the amount you wish to pay (between Ksh10 – Ksh70,000)
  8. Enter your M-PESA PIN
  9. Confirm details are correct and press OK

How to pay your Safaricom Postpaid bill

  1. You need to be an M-PESA registered customer
  2. Ensure you have sufficient funds in your M-PESA account to cover the amount you are paying
  3. Go to M-PESA on your phone Menu
  4. Select Payment Services
  5. Select PayBill
  6. Enter the business number 200200
  7. Enter the mobile number or account number you wish to make payment to
  8. Enter the amount you wish to pay (between Ksh10 – Ksh70,000)
  9. Enter your M-PESA PIN
  10. Confirm details are correct and press OK
  11. Your PostPay account will be updated within the hour

Requirements and how to register to use Pochi La Biashara

You only need a Safaricom phone number and Mpesa account to register for a Pochi La Biashara wallet. Just that. Open and set up you account by following the following steps:

  1. Step 1: Dial USSD *334#
  2. Step 2: Select Pochi la Biashara (8) and Click Send
  3. Step 3: Select 0 (Join)
  4. Step 4: Select 1 to Join
  5. Step 5: Select 1 to accept Terms and Conditions
  6. Step 6: Select Business Category (transport, food, retail, clothing, etc.)
  7. Step 7: Add Business Name

Reasons why a small business owner should register with Pochi La Biashara

  1. Simple sign-up process – There is no paperwork required whatsoever: All you need is to dial *334# and follow the prompts.
  2. Separation of funds since you get a separate wallet from Mpesa wallet.
  3. No reversals by the customer without consent.
  4. Privacy – business owner can’t see your number unlike when you pay directly to Mpesa wallet.
  5. Selling airtime – Users can get a 5% commission after selling airtime using their account.
  6. No interference from Fuliza.
  7. Access to mini-statements.
  8. Minimal charges – only customers are charged for sending money to the business owner.

List of Kenyan banks’ Pay Bill numbers

  1. First Community Bank Ltd MPesa Paybill Number – 919700
  2. Gulf African Bank MPesa Paybill Number – 985050
  3. Housing Finance Company LTD MPesa Paybill Number – 100400
  4. I & M Bank Limited MPesa Paybill Number – 542542
  5. IMPERIAL BANK LTD MPesa Paybill Number – 800100
  6. Jamii Bora Bank MPesa Paybill Number – 529901
  7. KADET Ltd MPesa Paybill Number – 200555; 549900
  8. KCB MPesa Paybill Number – 522522
  9. K-REP BANK MPesa Paybill Number – 111999
  10. KWFTDTM MPesa Paybill Number – 101200
  11. Musoni MPesa Paybill Number – 514000
  12. National Bank MPesa Paybill Number – 547700
  13. NIC Bank Limited MPesa Paybill Number – 488488
  14. Post Office Savings Bank MPesa Paybill Number – 200999
  15. Prime Bank MPesa Paybill Number – 928800
  16. Rafiki DTM MPesa Paybill Number – 802200
  17. SMEP DTM MPesa Paybill Number – 777001
  18. Standard Chartered Bank MPesa Paybill Number – 329329
  19. Transnational Bank MPesa Paybill Number – 862862
  20. UBA Bank MPesa Paybill Number – 559900
  21. Unaitas MPesa Paybill Number – 544700
  22. Uwezo DTM MPesa Paybill Number – 504600
  23. Equity Bank Paybill Number – 247247
  24. Family Bank

Commonly sought-after Pay Bill numbers

SportPesa M-PESA Paybill Number 5212121

DStv M-Pesa paybill Number which is 444900

Zuku Satellite TV paybill number is 220220, Zuku fiber it is 320320, Zuku fiber phone airtime, the paybill number is 320321

StarTimes M-pesa paybill number which is 585858

nairobi water lipa na mpesa
Nairobi Water Pay Bill no.

Nairobi water Pay bill number 444400

KPLC pay bill number is 888880

HELB pay bill business number as 200800

GOTV Paybill number which is 423655

You can also check the history and functions of the Central Bank of Kenya, one of the 8 regulators of Safaricom, especially on Mpesa services and international money transfers.

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