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What considerations to make when buying a washing machine in Kenya

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Front loader washing machine

Purchasing a new washing machine can get on some people’s nerves, because no matter whether you look around in the market or on online websites, the huge selection seems to overwhelm you. Apart from numerous different providers, there are also a number of models within a brand.
But how exactly do these products differ and what can make my choice easier? Find out here what you should look out for when buying a new washing machine.

The brand of the washing machine

There are many washing machine manufactures in the world and most of them have an active presence in Kenya. This variety poses even more challenge in deciding which washing machine to buy. In this case if you have enough money to spare, buy a trustworthy brand that offers a meaningful warranty on their products.

If you do not have a lot of money to pour into just a single item, getting recommendations from friends and family that have a cheaper one is better than taking a chance on a completely strange brand in the market.

Nowhere have I said that less-known brands produce poor quality and substandard products, it depends.

The price of the washing machine

Of course, this is the most important factor to consider. Before you can purchase any item in Kenya, you first need to have money, enough of it.

Or maybe your are planning for your future. Nevertheless, before you buy a washing machine in Kenya, you need to compare the prices of different brands, both instore and online marketplaces. Avoid ordering a washing machine online if you do not know what its features are. I would advice that you first visit a store and learn more about a machine before making the purchase decision.

The energy label

In order for consumers to be able to compare electrical appliances quickly and independently, such appliances have had to be equipped with an energy label. Such an energy label exists specifically for various product groups.

For the washing machine product group, it shows the energy consumption and other important product properties at a glance: This includes, among other things, the electricity and water consumption, but also sometimes the sound volume of the device during operation.

To register such data quickly and easily, the corresponding marks on the energy label are divided into so-called energy efficiency classes.

The energy efficiency classes

Since there has been increased technical development in recent years, efficiency classes such as A+/++/+++ only came about later. This classification became increasingly confusing, although the specification of the efficiency class was supposed to give an orderly overview of the product efficiency. For this reason, a revised energy label was introduced in Europe in March 2021.

Back in Kenya, the energy label is provided for by the EPRA. For the Kenya Energy Label, as with EU labels, more stars mean more energy and cost savings.

Kenya energy labels
Source: EPRA.go.ke

The more efficiently the device washes, the more expensive the product is usually on offer.

Technical characteristics of a washing machine

The following technical characteristics should be considered when buying a washing machine:


Paying attention to the filling quantity is particularly important if you have a lot of laundry to wash (e.g. in a larger household). Because in such a case, a washing machine with a higher capacity is worthwhile. In this way, energy consumption can be made as economical as possible, since the number of wash cycles is reduced.

The filling quantity is determined by the capacity of the laundry drum in kilograms of dry laundry.

Models range from 3 kg to over 10 kg.


When choosing a washing machine, the installation location should also be taken into account. Is a front loader (loading from the front) or rather a top loader (loading from above) more suitable? In which direction does the porthole of the front loader open? The dimensions of the device also play a role. This is a very important factor because if  you have designated and immobile location, you might count losses when you have to redesign your laundry area since exchanges after purchase may not be available.


A washing machine can have numerous programmes, including programs for certain types of fabric, short wash, Eco program for energy-saving washing, stain intensive program, etc. Do you attach importance to a specific washing program?

spin performance

The spin performance indicates how dry the laundry comes out of the washing machine after the spin cycle. Tip: You can possibly save yourself a tumble dryer if the laundry comes out of the washing machine almost dry.

sound power

The sound power of a washing machine provides information about the noise level (in decibels) it achieves during operation. During the spin cycle, the noise level of the appliance is higher (approx. 70-80 dB) than during the wash phase (approx. 45-60 dB).

Low-noise devices have a noise value of <50 dB for the wash cycle and <75 dB for the spin cycle.

The noise emission class classification refers to the decibel value during the spin cycle.

special equipment

In addition to these absolutely relevant basic properties of a washing machine, there are numerous other special features that a washing machine can be equipped with. These include:

  • remaining time display
  • honeycomb drum
  • steam function
  • load detection
  • Quantity automatic
  • notification sound
  • Control via app (e.g. on the go)
  • Add-Wash (for forgotten garments)
  • Safety features such as overflow protection or child safety
  • suitable for allergy sufferers (with extra deep hygiene steam treatment, drum cleaning and/or self-
  • cleaning detergent drawer: completely free of dirt, allergens and bacteria)
  • brushless motor
  • anti-crease

Depending on whether you need such a specific function, the search for the right washing machine can also be made easier here. However, the prices of the respective products also increase here with the multitude of functions.

Purchase decision and tip to buy in Kenya

So is it worth paying attention to the energy label when buying a washing machine? Definitely! The Kenya Energy Label not only informs the consumer about the energy consumption, but also contains further information for a better product comparison. A large number of people already take the attached energy label into account when making their purchase, making their purchase decision easier.

And the special equipment? Too many bells and whistles can be dispensed with, many buyers are sure to think. After all, all the additional features make the product more expensive to buy. However, it should be noted that

Thanks to some functions, such as the load detection, a reduction in electricity and water consumption and ultimately in operating costs can be noted.

But don’t worry – most of the time you don’t have to search specifically for all the extra functions: Because this is where the practical energy label comes into its own. Products in higher efficiency classes have ended up in this classification precisely because of the presence of specific programs and functions.

You shouldn’t save in the wrong place when buying a new washing machine: Washing machines with better energy efficiency may be a little more expensive when you buy them.

However, you can save up to several hundred shillings a year while keeping the device through lower electricity and water consumption.

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